Since 1950, CrossCurrents has published many of the most important religious thinkers of the age. Committed to the public understanding of religion, the journal is operated through its parent organization, the Association for Public Religion and Intellectual Life (APRIL), an interreligious network of academics, activists, artists, and community leaders. Contributions to the journal exist at the nexus of religion, education, the arts, and social justice. Work in the journal is supplemented by our online magazine, The Commons.

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Individuals who become members of APRIL receive a subscription to CrossCurrents as a membership benefit. Some issues are available for purchase as print copies—please see each issue for availability, or visit UNC Press.

Issues of CrossCurrents going back to 2008 are available in the Project MUSE Hosted Journals Program (starting January 2021). Back issues going back to 1950 are available in JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences XIII Collection. Please note that free digital access is only available to individuals using an IP network address associated with an institution subscribed to these platforms.

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Our publisher, UNC Press, has a partnership with Duke University Press for institutional print subscriptions. Agencies are eligible for a discount on the institutional rate.

  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone toll-free in the US and Canada (888) 651-0122
  • Phone (919) 688-5134

Digital subscriptions are available for institutions through Project MUSE. Digital institutional rate is $250; print and digital is $300.

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Publishing with CrossCurrents

Each issue includes 4-8 main essays, generally on a theme, though we will also publish unsolicited submissions. If you have questions or are interested in submitting an article for review, please contact the editor, Brent Rodriguez-Plate, [email protected].

Submissions should be between 5-8000 words, and include a 150-word abstract, 4-7 keywords, a list of references, the author’s name and affiliation. Please see here for our style sheet.

Each issue also includes book reviews as well as reviews of film, television, museum exhibitions, and any place we see religion meeting the public. If you have an idea for a review of any current cultural works, please contact Hussein Rashid [email protected] and/or Rosalind Hinton [email protected]

We will occasionally publish poetry and short creative writing.

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