Brent Rodriguez Plate

S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate

Born in the year of the Fire Horse, Professor Rodriguez-Plate has traveled the world seeking ways that people practice and/or fight against religious traditions, whether ancient or modern. Convinced that religion has less to do with beliefs than with bodies, he queries the ways people connect with physical objects through sense perception: the things we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch are what give us our spiritual dimension.

A writer and an editor, Brent has presented his research at museums, cultural centers, and universities across Asia, Europe, and North America. He’s authored or edited 14 books, and his essays have appeared in Newsweek, Slate, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Christian Century, The Islamic Monthly, and the Huffington Post. He serves on the board of the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica, NY and lives in Clinton, New York with his partner, two kids, and two black mutts.