June 2017



Race, Gender, Exclusion, and Divine Discontent: Pauli Murray and the Intersections of Liberation and Reconciliation, Gary Dorrien

Love for Animals? Glimmerings in the Bible, Peter Heinegg

The Heart of the Matter, Phil Kershner

Early Modern Hate Speech—Martin Luther`s Anti-Semitism Responses and Reactions, Ursula Rudnick

Presidential Evangelist for War, Francis X. Kroncke

The Humanization of Economic Life: The Legacy of Martin Buber, Roshnee Ossewaarde-Lowtoo

Deconstructing Eschatological Violence Against Ecology: Planting Images of Ecological Justice, Ilsup Ahn

What about Our Soul?, J. Harold Ellens

Accepting the “Irreducible Reality of Religion”, Peter Heinegg

Life as Trauma, Art as Therapy, Peter Heinegg

Religiously Flavored Therapy, Therapeutically Flavored Mortality, Peter Heinegg

It’s All Their Fault, Peter Heinegg

Whose Freedom of Religion?, Peter Heinegg

CrossCurrents June 2017