March 2018



Religion, Political Democracy, and Specters of Race: Introduction, James Logan

The Future of Sexual Inclusion: Anti-Black Racism, Black Patriarchy and Prospects for Political Democracy, Keri Day

Race: Fifty Years Later, Stanley Hauerwas

The Backlash This Time: Obama, Trump, and the American Trauma, Gary Dorrien

Black Dignity, Vincent Lloyd

A World on Fire and Whiteness at the Core, Jennifer Harvey

Do Black Lives Matter to White Chistians? A Theological Reflection in Three Movements, Rubén Rosario Rodríguez

Can Theses Black Bones Live? Addressing the Necrotic in Us Theo-Politics, Antonia Michelle Daymond

When Hope Appeared in Flesh: From Black Power to Barak Obama and the Spirit of the American Jeremiad, Terrence L. Johnson

To Instill Love for My People: Reassembling the Social in a Time of Mass Criminalization, Laura McTighe, with Reverend Doris J. Green

CrossCurrents March 2018