September 2018
Edited by S. Brent Plate



Interreligious Aesthetics: From Dialogue to the Senses, S. Brent Plate

Interreligious Art in Light of Hindu and Buddhist Thought, Melanie Barbato

To See Your Face is to See the Face of God: Changing Interfaith Work from Talking to Seeing and Feeling, Daniel K. Epstein

Visions of Beauty: Exploring Aesthetics as a Starting Point for Meaningful Inter-Religious Encounter, True-Seeing, Truth-Seeking, and Personal Transformation, Fatimah Mohammed-Ashrif

Eat, Sing, Love: How Interfaith Families Model Interfaith Engagement, Susan Katz Miller

Writing the Sublime: Visual Hagiography and the Promotion of Interreligious Understanding, Lucinda Allen Mosher

Being There: What do Students Learn by Visiting Houses of Worship?, Henry Goldschmidt

Interreligious Narratives and Contra-Religious Aesthetics in the Material Culture of Navarra, Northern Spain, Daniel Moulin-Stoz ̇ek and Anna K. Dulska

Experiencing Sacred Place: Architecture and the Individual in Immigrant and Refugee Communities, Robert Knight

At the Threshold: Tobi Kahn’s Interfaith Spaces, Aaron Rosen



CrossCurrents September 2018