March 2019
Edited by Christian Scharen



The Current and Future Directions of Theological Education, Christian Scharen

Liberating and Diversifying Theological Education: A Subversive or Empowering Aspiration, Amos Yong

Buy a Field: The Future of Theological Educators, Willie James Jennings

From Multiculturality to Interculturality: The Aim of Theological Education in Today’s Global Context, va ̆nThanh Nguyê ̃n

No Joke! Resisting the “Culture of Disbelief” that Keeps Clergy Women Pushing Uphill, Eileen R. Campbell-Reed

The Telos of Theological Education: A Theological Reflection, Scott Woodward

Teaching Other Faiths About Islam: A Transformative Journey, Zainab Alwani

 “Knowing Who,” A Sermon on Proverbs 8:1-21, Ted A. Smith

Teaching Toward the Practice of Ministry Today, Christian Scharen

Identity Quests, Indebted Diversities, and Serving “The Church”: Living the Questions of Ministerial Formation, C. Melissa Snarr

Why Games and Gaming Might be the Best Way and Place in Which to Consider the Meaning and Purposes of Theological Education: A Reflection, Mary E. Hess

CrossCurrents March 2019