September 2020
Edited by S. Brent Plate



Cinema: The Georeligious Aesthetic, S. Brent Plate

Nollywood and Pentecostalism: Preaching Salvation, Propagating the Supernatural, Chijioke Azuawusiefe

Manshin: TenFilm as a Ritual of Seeing Beyond the Visible: The Case of Thousand Spirits (2013), Hwasun Choe

‘As They Really Are’: The World Outlook Of Protestant-Sponsored Mission Films, 1930-1950, April Makgoeng

Parasite as Parable: Bong Joon-Ho’s Cinematic Capitalism, Minjung Noh

People on the Move: Religion, Film and Migration, Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati

Once the Buddha was born as Keanu Reeves: The Shaping of Buddhism in American Film and Popular Culture, Sharon A. Suh

Resurrection, Remediation, and Religious Fundamentalism in Contemporary Indian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films, Anu Thapa

Making A Way Out of No Way: Black Faith in Barry Jenkin’s If Beale Street Could Talk, Joe Tolbert Jr.

Souvenirs Of The Apocalypse: Guns As Authenticating Props, Rachel Wagner