December 2020
Edited by Charles Henderson



Love, Light, and Catholic Mysticism in Vincent van Gogh, Angelo Caranfa

Let Us Never Forget, Bob Blundell

Evangelizing a Modern Agnostic Culture, Eugene P. Trager

Gay Men, the Invention of Ecclesial Injustice, and Aspirations for Redress and Renewal, Joseph N. Goh

Washington Gladden and the Christian Nation, Alfredo Romagosa

Renouncing Harvard: The Ascetic Theology of Jonathan Tran, Thomas J. Millay

Mental Illness, The Second Amendment and Gun Violence, Eugene P. Trager

The Puritans: A Transatlantic History, Peter Heinegg

Book review: Religion As We Know It: An Origin Story, Peter Heinegg

Book review: An Emotional History of Doubt, Peter Heinegg

CrossCurrents at 48, Joseph Cuneenn

A Brief History of the Research Colloquium, Charles Henderson