December 2020



Universal Responsibility as a Key Concept for an Interreligious Dialogue with the Mahāyāna Geluk Tradition

Patricia Guernelli Palazzo Tsai

Remembering (and Forgetting) COVID-19 in Britain’s Religious-Secular Landscape

David Tollerton

Fake News, Fake Prophets: Mis/Disinformation, Public Health, and the COVID-19 Global Pandemic in Nigeria and Beyond: A Christian Narrative

Gbule Ndidi Justice

The Miasmas of Religion: Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love

Frederick Ruf


Cultural Connections

Colleen D. Hartung, ed. Challenging Bias against Women Academics in Religion.

Reviewed by Christine Meyer

Rima Vesely-Flad, Black Buddhists and the Black Radical Tradition: The Practice of Stillness in the Movement for Liberation.

Reviewed by Dharmacharini Upayadhī (Savanna Jo Luraschi)

Before the Liberation, and After: Alice Rohrwacher’s Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice; Italy, 2018)

Reviewed by Karsten Visarius

Zen and “The Arts of Devotion”: Mind Over Matter at the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art

Reviewed by Pamela D. Winfield

Phyllis Zagano, Women: Icons of Christ.

Reviewed by Haewon Yang