Tracing our roots to the 1930s, APRIL has worked with universities, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and non-profit groups. Our continual aim is to bring together leading voices of our time to advocate for justice and to examine global spiritual and interreligious currents in both historical and contemporary perspectives. Through the journal CrossCurrents, the online magazine The Commons, and summer colloquia, we explore religious life, engage in intellectual inquiry, and lead ethical action in the world today.


A Brief History of APRIL

1935 – Establishment of the Church Society for College Work (CSCW) through the Episcopal Church, USA. By 1940, the CSCW had almost 1200 members nationwide.

1972 – With funding from the Lilly Endowment, CSCW establishes the ecumenical focused National Institute for Campus Ministry (NICM) working with Hillel and Christian campus organizations.

1982 – NICM dissolves as CSCW reforms to become the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life.

1987 – ARIL established as an independent 501(c)3.

1990 – ARIL becomes the publisher of the journal CrossCurrents.

1995 – William A. Coolidge estate donates funds to operate summer colloquia.

2021 – ARIL changes name to the Association for Public Religion and Intellectual Life.


The Board

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