The APRIL Summer Colloquium has been offered for over thirty years. It brings together a cohort of fellows  (scholars in the humanities and social sciences, clergy, artists, activists, community leaders, and others) who work on vital contemporary questions about religious life and social justice. Participants are offered an opportunity for in-depth exploration of commonalities and differences. By creating an environment conducive to research, open reflection, and dialogue, participants are encouraged to learn from others who have studied different or convergent topics, bringing perspectives from their different fields.

At the Colloquium, participants spend a week or two together (often New York City), pursuing individual research at libraries, museums, and social institutions, as well as gathering as a group for focused and facilitated discussions. Each colloquium fellow works on their own project, but benefits by being able to collaborate with others. The collegial relationships that develop within the group are a crucial element of this program and one of its distinctive aspects. The work of each participant is eligible for publication in APRIL’s journal CrossCurrents and/or our online The Commons.

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